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Weta Trimaran Wins 2010 Sailing World Boat of The Year- Best Dinghy Category!!  Racing fleets continue to build in North America through 2011

Read the full review as the editors of Sailing World discover what we've known all along.  As if that wasn't enough, Sailing World's Boat of the Year organiser Dave Reed gives the Weta a fantastic endorsement in his January/February 2010 issue of Sailing World  We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

It seems every month another publication 'discovers' the Weta.  Sailing Magazine was the latest.  They put the Weta through its paces on a very challenging day gusting to 30 knots when other boats weren't going out....... well you give it a read.

Weta Canada

Weta Canada is a division of Amurru Marine  .  We are proud to be the Canadian Importer/distributor for Weta Marine based in Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, BC.

We have over 20 years of multihull sailing experience, ranging from sales, racing, cruising, ratings and refits to offshore deliveries.  We're ready to admit that sailing the Weta is the most fun we've had in awhile!

We operate out of the
Toronto Multihull Club in Toronto's Outer Harbour and out of Vancouver BC .

Please browse our site to learn more about the Weta - Performance, One design, Trimaran. When you are ready contact us and we can arrange for a demo sail and get you hooked!

VERSATILE | Sail the Weta single-handed or in any combination of kids, teens and adults - the Weta accommodates up to three adults easily. Use various main, jib and screecher sail options to suit yourself and the conditions. The Weta is a very exciting, versatile recreational yacht. Sail the Weta like a skiff, fully powered upwind then take the jib off and let the kids have a blast.

EASY TO RIG | The Weta can be rigged in just 12 minutes with only 5 lines to control all 3 sails. The mast is so light that even kids can rig the Weta and launch it effortlessly from the specially designed beach trailer.

SIMPLE TO SAIL | Well balanced and easy to helm on all points of sailing, the Weta is a great boat to learn to sail with no boom to hit your head. Take the Jib off to de-power in strong winds or to let the kids sail on their own. Once on the water just unfurl the screecher and blast the Weta into the sunset.

SAFE AND SECURE | The Weta has an open cockpit that is safe and secure for kids learning to sail. Sit with your feet in the cockpit and sail for hours on end in comfort, great for anyone less mobile.

EASY TO TRANSPORT | At 1.7m wide on the trailer the Weta will fit in any garage with ease. In less than 2 minutes transform it into a 3.5m wide beast that will be
the envy of all sailors.

WARNING! | When rigging be prepared to be interrupted by admiring bystanders who want to run their hands over the hulls and ask lots of questions.


Weta Canada - email: info@wetacanada.com, Phone: 416.237-0777